• Question: when the nipples are itching what might be the problem??? and it comes as a result of???

    Asked by 753purple26 to Simon, Noel, Jelili on 15 May 2018.
    • Photo: Jelili Mustapha

      Jelili Mustapha answered on 15 May 2018:

      It might be due to hygiene. Ensure you take your bath often and do not wear dirty bra. If you are still experiencing itching, consider visiting your doctor

    • Photo: Simon Masha

      Simon Masha answered on 15 May 2018:

      This is a very broad question, for instance, is this nipple itching occurring on a child, teenage boy/girl, adult male/woman, pregnant woman. Different things may be associated with the itching depending on who the individual is. Proper history must be taken before determining what might be the problem. I suggest the individual should consider visiting a doctor.