• Question: which subjects are advisable to work on when one aspires to be a veterinary doctor? and why is it so

    Asked by 753purple26 to Simon, Shilla, Robinson, Noel, Jelili on 15 May 2018.
    • Photo: Jelili Mustapha

      Jelili Mustapha answered on 15 May 2018:

      If you want to be a Veterinary Doctor, you must work on your English, Mathematics, Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Agricultural Science. Basically work on your core science subjects.

      It is so because these subjects are foundation for Veterinary medicine and without good knowledge of these subjects, you might be able to cope with veterinary medicine courses

    • Photo: Simon Masha

      Simon Masha answered on 15 May 2018:

      The university requirement for pursuing a bachelor of science in veterinary medicine at a Kenyan university is a minimum mean grade of a C+ in KCSE with at least C (plus) in Biology and Chemistry and a C (plus) in either Maths, Physics or Agriculture. It goes without saying the higher your grades the better your chances of doing the course as its quite competitive and not offered in many universities.
      Why this subjects? this subjects will form the core of what you will be taught during the bachelor’s program. In addition to the subjects mentioned one should also have a high score in languages preferably English.

    • Photo: Shillah Simiyu

      Shillah Simiyu answered on 16 May 2018:

      Definitely Maths, Chemistry, Biology and Physics and/or Agriculture. These form the core of the entire course and will determine and build your understanding of the course.
      Refer to this link : http://vetanatomy.uonbi.ac.ke/uon_degrees_details/844
      For some of the courses offered under the bachelor of veterinary medicine at the University of Nairobi. Most if not all of these courses will require application of basic biology/physics/chemistry/mathematics knowledge.