• Question: what is the effect of not having a septum

    Asked by 429purple26 to Jelili, Noel, Robinson, Shilla, Simon on 16 May 2018.
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      Simon Masha answered on 16 May 2018:

      Your question is not clear if you could kindly rephrase or add more details.

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      Noel Joseph answered on 17 May 2018:

      Hi, interesting but think of it is it possible to live without what separates your nostrils. I don’t think so however it is possible to have septum deviation whereby one nostril has smaller opening than the other and this causes breathing problems, nosebleeds or even facial pain and usually is corrected during a surgical procedure known as septoplasty

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      Shillah Simiyu answered on 18 May 2018:

      In biology, a septum is a wall, dividing a cavity or structure into smaller ones. Examples:

      -Interatrial septum, the wall of tissue that is a sectional part of the left and right atria of the heart
      -Interventricular septum, the wall separating the left and right ventricles of the heart
      -Lingual septum, a vertical layer of fibrous tissue that separates the halves of the tongue
      -Nasal septum: the cartilage wall separating the nostrils of the nose
      -Alveolar septum: the thin wall which separates the alveoli from each other in the lungs
      -Orbital septum, a palpabral ligament in the upper and lower eyelids
      -Septum pellucidum or septum lucidum, a thin structure separating two fluid pockets in the brain
      -Uterine septum, a malformation of the uterus
      -Vaginal septum, a lateral or transverse partition inside the vagina
      Intermuscular septa separating the muscles of the arms and legs

      You need to specify which septum you are referring to in your question.